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What innovative businesses have been able to exploit certain to win competitive advantages and expand global markets? Through what features?

InnovazioneYou can't, in the context of tough global markets, a fact that often has made the fortune of many economic activities: care of the Brand.

The company that knows how to make the most of all those details that help to create value and grow through brand identity, image and positioning in the minds of consumers, often makes large investments well placed. The Apple case is a good example of branding, because it not only focuses on the image of the company and its product but which has always worked to make "different" brand. Not surprisingly, early Steve Jobs, bought two advertisements during the Super Bowl, with one 60-second spot packaged by Ridley Scott. The cost of the operation covered the company's balance sheet. However, with this announcement, Apple picked up its target audience: the futurists, young, handsome lovers. To 96 million people arrived that message and in the minds of consumers was the desired message: our company thinks so "different" and "different" products.

Customer care is one of the main assets of enterprises. Customer care can make all the difference to our businesses than the competition.

The priority for most chains that sell clothing is offering a personalised service, when the sale shall be assisted, and in particular provide guarantees to their customers. The classic example is the slogan "satisfaction guaranteed", now adopted by many companies in different sectors. The basic question is to reimburse the client without this dia explanations for the forfeiture of the goods. The priority is to ensure total customer satisfaction.

Finally, beyond selling products or services, much of the value offered by companies are in people who make it possible, with their daily work, the sustainability of the system. For this reason, engage, motivate and encourage people into enterprise enables greater productivity and efficiency.

A case in point is Google: contrattualizzano, magister or PhDs, paid, in addition to normal paycheck even in shares and stock options. Here it is also important to work space: cafes, recreational areas, laundries, restaurants, mechanical workshops, gyms, spas are everywhere, as well as a great cure for corporate welfare with crèches, and then flexible work schedules, incentives and training. Of course, all this is not affordable for any business. However, the benefits for workers have gradually developed with the evolution and expansion of Google. Then the attention to the people can be all workplaces, with small or grand gestures for people working with us at every level.